Creating and Operating a Family Assistance Center - A Toolkit for Public Health


Identify Additional Planning Resources

Although family assistance planning has not been a focus area for many communities, there are some valuable resources that can assist you as you begin the planning process. These tools each provide essential background, useful tips, and important guidelines that helped PHSKC develop its FAC plan for King County. While these tools have all been used to help inform the development of this toolkit, the original sources can also be consulted to provide your planning team with additional background and planning information.

Family Assistance Center Planning Examples: All of the plans listed below are examples of FAC plans and toolkits from around the United States and the United Kingdom.

Federal Family Assistance Plan for Aviation Disasters, National Transportation Safety Board (last updated 2008)

Providing Relief to Families After a Mass Fatality Incident, Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime, November 2008

Managing Mass Fatalities: A Toolkit for Planning, Santa Clara County Department of Public Health

Mass Fatality Incidents: A Guide for Human Forensic Identification, Department of Justice (2005)

Florida Emergency Mortuary Operations Response System Field Operation Guide: FEMORS FOG, Fourth Edition, Revision 1, March 18, 2009

London Humanitarian Assistance Center Plan

After Action Reports: Listed below are After Action Reports from some of the FAC that have been established after major disasters in the United States and the United Kingdom. They provide information on how FACs were established and lessons learned from the experiences.

Oklahoma City Seven Years Later: Lessons for Other Communities, Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (2002)

Reuniting the Families of Katrina and Rita: Louisiana Family Assistance Center, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (2006:)

1-35W Bridge Collapse and Response, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Addressing Lessons from the Emergency Response to the 7 July 2005 London Bombings: What we learned and what we are doing about it, 22 September 2006