Strategic Action Planning

A key planning assumption that Public Health – Seattle & King County does not have the capability to reach certain subsets of the population helped guide our approach to strategic action planning. It has focused our attention on building relationships and developing diverse communications methods as our primary goals.

Use the Sample Action Plan and blank template to help develop your mission, vision, goals, objectives and action steps. As you develop your plan, consider community based organizations (CBOs) as communications conduits and partners to help you achieve your mission.

Public Health – Seattle & King County VPAT Sample Action Plan, 2007

Action Plan Template

Vulnerable Populations Response Matrix
The Vulnerable Populations Response Matrix was designed to serve as a self-assessment tool for local jurisdictions to have a better indication of the capabilities related to vulnerable populations and at-risk populations. It can be completed with internal stakeholders or in coordination with community partners, including those representing vulnerable population segments.

One jurisdiction in King County completed an assessment of their vulnerable population planning using the matrix with their emergency management group. It took about two hours, including preparation time and discussion, to walk through the matrix and assign a score to each of the capabilities described. The group rated each element as based on a 1-3 scale (1 was inadequate, rating of 2 was ok and a rating of 3 was good). The results yielded a few surprises including learning that Limited English communities received a low score although there was a perception that a lot of work had been done in this area. Using the matrix helped target planning efforts and incorporate those activities into staff work plans.

Vulnerable Populations Response Matrix