Sustaining Critical Services - Continuity of Operations - A Toolkit for Public Health

Sustaining Critical Services: Continuity of Operations

Severe weather. Power outages. Earthquakes. Disease outbreaks. Server failures. In the past twelve months, your organization has probably weathered an event like one of these. When emergencies strike, power failures, transportation impacts, employee absenteeism, or facility damage strains your agency’s ability to sustain your most critical business functions. How did you fare last time around? Can improvements be made?

Continuity of operations (COOP) is the capability to implement strategies to minimize the impact of an emergency or disaster on vital business operations. This toolkit is designed to help your organization develop strategies to sustain critical functions during a disaster, reorganize service delivery models to meet the community’s emergent needs, and quickly reinstate services should they be halted by a disaster.

This toolkit is intended for health departments who have written a continuity of operations or business continuity plan, but have not developed the detailed procedures to implement it, or lack substantial experience putting those plans and procedures into action. The tools are applicable to health departments of any size or scope of services.

Years of planning and real-world implementation provide the foundation for tools and resources in Sustaining Critical Services: Continuity of Operations, A Toolkit for Public Health, with a goal to save six months of planning efforts on this important, but often daunting, topic.

*Last updated 2012