Medication Dispensing Strategies


Step 5: Training, training, training!

Establish a wide variety of training materials for each group: health department staff, pharmacy partners, and the public. Each set of training materials will have different goals and purposes however, it is important that all are conducted.

Local health department staff will need training on the basis of each response plan, protocols and guidelines for each type of event, and communication dissemination tactics. Staff members should be knowledgeable in the components of your LHD’s mass dispensing strategy communications plan.

Pharmacy partners, including pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, will need just-in-time training to understand clinical protocols and algorithms, logistical set-ups and procedures, screening tactics, and tracking and reporting requirements. Survey pharmacy partners on what training modalities work best for them and their staff: DVDs, webinars, or in-person presentations? 

The public also needs to be aware of how to access resources during an event and will need to be informed through multiple communication channels. Work with the LHD’s communications team on developing a set of materials that keeps your community educated on each type of event.

Public Health–Seattle & King County created a set of public education materials for H1N1 influenza, which can be accessed here.