Medication Dispensing Strategies



Developing a Collaborative Drug Therapy Agreement (CDTA) requires customized planning efforts, dependent on local health departments’ specific needs and applicable State requirements. Key to successful planning efforts will be identification of eligible health care partners, as mandated by State pharmacy law. Working with community partners and government stakeholders to gain support of CDTAs during both the pre-planning and planning phases will ensure success when a CDTA needs to be activated. As part of the planning phase, efforts should be made to educate those who will be administering drug regimens under CDTA guidelines to ensure that all CDTA participants are both confident in practice and aware of the events, scope of practice allowed and corresponding regimens described in the CDTA. This section describes pharmacy law in different States and suggests approaches for training CDTA participants, as well as provides resources and templates to use during the planning phase. Lastly, an example of the planning phase is summarized through a case study of Washington State.