Creating and Operating a Family Assistance Center - A Toolkit for Public Health



Staffing and Volunteers

FACs are staff- and resource-intensive operations. Advanced planning to identify the core positions that need to be filled, as well as the skills needed to support these functions, is an important investment of time and will help ensure your success.

For many communities identifying adequate staffing resources will require the participation of many local, state, and potentially federal partners. Examples of agencies that may have staff that could assist in the FAC:

  • Medical Examiner/Coroner’s Office
  • Local or state health department
  • Local hospitals or other healthcare organizations
  • Local or state mental health provider agencies
  • Local or state law enforcement
  • Crime Victim Assistance organizations
  • American Red Cross, Salvation Army, or other disaster non-governmental organizations
  • Local colleges or universities
  • School districts (e.g. for crisis counselors)
  • Local human service provider agencies

For examples of staffing requirements and a FAC incident command chart see:

Staffing Overview

Incident Command Chart

Additional Logistics Planning Resources:

Equipment and Supplies

Activation Checklist

Equipment and Supplies

Site Assessment and Site Selection

Site Scaling Guide

Prospective Site Assessment Worksheet