Creating and Operating a Family Assistance Center - A Toolkit for Public Health


Reception and Registration

The reception and registration area is the first location families will access upon entering a FAC.  In addition to providing the “first impression” of the FAC and setting the tone for visitors, it serves many important functions, supporting the overall FAC operation. These include:

  • Welcome and greeting of FAC visitors.
  • Initial registration of FAC visitors, including documenting their contact information, the name of other family or next of kin contacts, and the name and information about their missing or deceased loved one. Individuals arriving at the FAC that are not missing a loved one do not belong at the FAC.
  • Check in and check out.
  • Security check.
  • Providing an overview of services available at the FAC including a schedule of briefings.
  • Assessment of visitors immediate needs (e.g. first aid, behavioral health support).
  • Assisting visitors with accessing necessary services.
  • Providing a tour of the FAC.

In addition to the staff performing the services above, the reception and registration area should also be staffed with escorts that can be assigned or available to the families to assist them with navigating and accessing FAC services.


Family-Friend Daily Sign-in Sheet

Family-Friend Registration Form

Secondary Services Referral Form