Creating and Operating a Family Assistance Center - A Toolkit for Public Health


Tools, Samples and Reources

Activating FAC Operations

Mass Fatalities Family Assistance Activities

Activation Checklist

Support Agencies Contact Information

Demobilization Checklist

Reception and Registration

Family-Friend Daily Sign-in Sheet

Family-Friend Registration Form

Secondary Services Referral Form

Family Assistance Center Services

Family Assistance Center Functions

Primary and Secondary Services

Victim Identification Services

VIP Form

Requested Records Log

Remains Release Authorization

Mass Fatality Incidents: A Guide for Human Forensic Identification, June 2005, U.S. Department of Justice

DNA Identification In Mass Fatality Incidents, September 2006, U.S. Department of Justice

Secondary Services

Primary and Secondary Services

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services Annex

Behavioral Health Branch Chief - JAS

Behavioral Health Responder - JAS

Behavioral Health Team Leader - JAS

PHRC Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team Qualifications

Social worker job description

Registered Mental Health Counselor job description

Psychiatrist job description

Psychiatric nurse job description

Marriage & Family Therapist job description

Licensed Psychologist job description

Licensed Mental Health Counselor job description

Chaplain-Spiritual Care Worker job description

Psychological First Aid Resources

Psychological First Aid Worksheets for Providers

Psychological First Aid Handouts


Logistical Considerations

Staffing and Volunteers

Staffing Overview

Incident Command Chart

Equipment and Supplies

Activation Checklist

Equipment and Supplies

Site Assessment and Site Selection

Site Scaling Guide

Prospective Site Assessment Worksheet