A series of facilitated planning sessions were conducted to formally solicit community input on isolation and quarantine plans. Participants included a wide range of emergency managers, health care providers, social service organizations, and other stakeholders that had a responsibility for ensuring public safety or who could provide vital services during a Public Health emergency.

The planning sessions enabled us to formulate an I & Q Response Plan that reflects a broad scope of action steps as well as encouraged community acceptance of the Plan itself. Learn more about the details of how to develop Partner Planning Sessions in your jurisdiction.


Public Health agencies are vested with the legal authority to isolate or quarantine people for the good of public health. This stretches Public Health's responsibility beyond its core competencies and resources, requiring Public Health to depend on community partners to do what they do best in coordinating the emergency response and comprehensively caring for those who are confined.

Learn more about the National Association of County & City Health Officials operational definition and local health department standards of a local governmental Public Health agency. This definition describes a shared understanding of what people in any community, regardless of size, can expect their governmental Public Health agency to provide at the local level.


This section provides a broad look at the process of implementing Partnership Planning Sessions. Learn more about implementation steps using the Tips for Implementing the Partnership Planning Process and the Tools & Samples.

The purpose of the Partner Planning Sessions was to: