Training & Exercises

This section of the Toolkit provides an outline of training and exercise content, audiences and implementation for incorporation into the I & Q planning process. The Tools & Samples section offers detailed information and actual trainings that can be customized to fit the needs of most health jurisdictions.


Training and exercises are integral components of preparedness planning. Ideally, you need a plan in place before you can actually train staff and practice it. In this area, we are currently developing a training structure and protocol that will work in tandem with other emergency preparedness activities. This training outline will serve as a guide to help Public Health staff maintain the skills for a quality response. Don't forget to exercise. Planning is an essential function for preparedness but exercising the plan provides valuable insight and information about the functionality of the plan. Consider conducting intermittent Tabletop exercises to guide next steps in training. These may lead to as many questions as it answers but this process may help identify missing pieces that must be included into training protocols.


Depending on the size of your organization, assessing the skills and training needs for the big picture of business continuity and workforce activation during an emergency is a monumental task. Public Health is in the midst of a Workforce Activation Assessment Advanced Practice project that is designed to identify each Public Health staff person, document their skills and certifications as well as assign or reassign that key employee to an applicable job function in the event of an emergency. This emergency may or may not be a circumstance of I & Q. Visit the site to look for updates and additions about our progress on Workforce Activation.