Advanced Practice Toolkits for Emergency Preparedness

3….2….1…. and we are live!

Welcome to the Seattle & King County APC website! Public Health—Seattle & King County (PHSKC) has been turning our most innovative programs into emergency preparedness toolkits since 2004.

The folks here in our APC shop are bursting with expertise, experience, panache, and a passion for preparedness. But until now, the toolkits have looked and felt rather… well… tool-y. We’re very excited to showcase all our products in one location! We invite you to peruse our products and check out the information offered by the expanded Advanced Practice Center network that includes 7 other local health departments.

PHSKC has developed 8 tested and proven toolkits that address critical areas in public health preparedness. We have toolkits for building and maintaining a healthcare coalition, business continuity trainings for the public and private sectors, and addressing gaps for vulnerable populations planning. We even have a toolkit for creating a system to translate materials into other languages—- a key capability during a public health emergency. (5 more cutting -edge toolkits are in the works. They’ll be launched this summer.)  If you want to browse the full selection of our kits, just hit that big green button at the top left corner.

The blog (what you are reading now) will be the place to find previews of our new materials, details on the behind-the-scenes action, and updates to existing products. Our toolkit creators work with the programs in our toolkits everyday. So as they refine their products, and share their results with other communities, they’ll share their new insights with you.

Check back every few weeks for updates!

We’ll post about twice a month!

For more information about NACCHO, our fellow APC sites, or Advanced Practice Center program, please see

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