Advanced Practice Toolkits for Emergency Preparedness

Now a word from our fellow APC in Mesa County Colorado

Many of the innovative, cutting-edge toolkits created and refined over the years by the Advanced Practice Center (APC) program would not have been possible without significant and meaningful collaboration that exists between our APC sites and our health department partners across the country on both the state and national levels. Through this spirit of collaboration we have been able to create easy to use and proven preparedness toolkits for health jurisdictions serving a wide variety of populations and meeting challenges that are totally unique to their jurisdiction. This month our partner APC out of the Mesa County Health Department in Colorado published a newsletter referencing their ongoing work with the Toledo-Lucas County APC team that involves assessing and updating some currently in use toolkits focusing on the environmental health perspective to ensure they make use of the most up to date research and methods for disaster planning and response. To peruse through their current toolkits and upcoming events please visit their site or you can always contact them directly with any questions at (970) 683-6619.

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