Advanced Practice Toolkits for Emergency Preparedness

The APC Program Supports Your PHEP Capability Objectives

Is your health department addressing one or more of the 15 Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) capabilities? The Advanced Practice Centers (APC) Program Website offers new interactive features to help! Visit —or see below—for an interactive list of the 15 PHEP capabilities. Click on a capability, and you will be presented with links to the free APC products supporting the functions within that capability.
PHEP Capability
1. Community Preparedness
2. Community Recovery    
3. Emergency Operations Coordination  
4. Emergency Public Information and Warning
5. Fatality Management    
6. Information Sharing
7. Mass Care  
8. Medical Countermeasure Dispensing Capability
9. Medical Material Management and Distribution Capability  
10. Medical Surge Capability  
11. Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions Capability
12. Public Health Laboratory Testing Capability  
13. Public Health Surveillance & Epidemiological Investigation Capability
14. Responder Safety and Health Capability  
15. Volunteer Management                                                                                                                                                    

Need more support? Post a question on the APC Website’s new Community of Practice interactive message boards. An APC product developer will respond with guidance and tips about how APC products can be leveraged to support your PHEP objectives. Additional guidance is available through podcasts and webinars presented by APC developers at

The APC Program provides free public health preparedness resources that can be easily implemented by any local health department (LHD), as they are created by LHDs, for LHDs. The products are easily adaptable, and have been tested in real world environments by health departments. APC products are ideal in this time of increasing budget pressures, building capacity while saving LHDs time, resources, and money.

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