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The National Association of Government Communicators Communications School

The National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC) Communications School had it’s annual conference was held inn St. Paul Minnesota at the Crowne Plaza hotel on the beautiful Mississippi River.

This year’s theme “Scaling Back” was designed to address the ever changing landscape of funding and resource challenges for communications related activities in agencies across the country on both the local and national level. Workshops focused on topics such as utilizing current social media trends gaining useful insight from internet analytic reports and other data sources to help craft and drive your communications plans.. There where also several presentations on development of communications processes that support emergency activities.

On Wednesday the Communicator of the Year Award was presented to Admiral Thad Allen of the United States Coast Guard. Admiral Allen was the Incident Commander for worst environmental disaster in our countries history – the Deep Water Horizon oil drill platform explosion and subsequent oil leak into the Gulf of Mexico. His dynamic and innovative presentation addressed the roll of social media in governmental communications and the need to streamline processes to allow the governmental notifications and communications to be out in front and the first messages presented during any emergency. A key message he delivered was that in this age of social media communications information is presented instantaneously, leading to a lot of misinformation.. He indicated that government agencies are often slow in getting information out and this hinders public information efforts because the public often believes the inaccurate information. 

**At the time this blog was published the presentation files where not yet available for public viewing. Please check the NAGC site for the presentation.

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