Knowing Your Audience

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach for vulnerable populations. Getting to know all of your diverse audiences can be challenging. In order to collect information about your vulnerable populations and the agencies that serve them, we suggest that you launch an assessment phase.

Leveraging our relationships with community based organizations (CBO’s) in order to find out more about our vulnerable populations is one way to get to know your audiences. Here are some of our assessment projects:

  • Surveys that can be used with CBO’s to collect information on emergency preparedness planning and perceptions.

  • Audience research to better understand how to communicate with certain vulnerable population groups.

  • The Public Engagement Project on Medical Service Prioritization.

  • Geographic mapping to find out where vulnerable populations are in our county.

Follow links on the side bar to find tools and resources you can use to launch your own community assessment.

Shortly after widespread power outages caused from the windstorm, several Carbon Monoxide poisoning cases among immigrant and limited English proficiency patients were being reported. Public Health – Seattle & King County mobilized the internal Communications Team and Vulnerable Populations Action Team (VPAT) to launch an intensive outreach campaign – relying heavily on relationships established with community based organizations and human services agencies to help reach community members. Learn more about the Seattle Windstorm